Creating Fun in the Call Center

Call center work is hard work. Representatives on the phone can take a ton of abuse from customers and sometime from supervisors themselves!

Our job is to make the customers we talk to have a world class experience. We cannot do this if we have reps that are lethargic, have bad attitudes and do not want to be at work. One way we can help them is by making the call center THE fun place to work titan call center.

I believe that the call center can be a place where you can do things that you cannot do in any other department. You can yell out loud, high five, cheer each other on! You can’t do that in accounting! Show me a quiet call center and I will show you one with high turnover, low quality and more importantly it will reflect that the reps are not enjoying themselves.

If we can get our reps to have fun at their job it takes their mind off of all the negative things that hamper great call center work. All call centers have reps that seem to always come in with their days troubles on their sleeve. All call centers have reps that leave “sick” every day because they are just plain bored. If we can take their attention off these things and channel it into something positive, then we have taken a huge step in improving our center.

It does not matter if you are running a center with an insurance, banking, pure customer care or sales vertical. You can, and in my opinion, must make the environment enjoyable.


Take a look at your center. Most of you are probably at work right now looking at this so take a second to look at your center… I’ll wait… lol

Does it have energy, or is it just plain and boring? If you were a rep would you like coming to work in this room every day?

I’m not saying you need to overhaul your center if it’s not where it should be. There are a couple basic things you can do. Also I would love to get some of your ideas on this as well.

Balloons can add a ton to a room. Just some company balloons or a “great job” balloons go a long way. As basic as that sounds, if you give a balloon to each team’s top producer daily based on your specific KPI, it goes a long way for moral and adds to the fun look of the center.

Team Crests/logos/mascot pics can really brighten up the room and add to great team spirit. Just having each team decide a team logo can be a lot of fun for the team members. You can even make a game out of it where each sale/great call/cross sell gets to add a name for consideration and the top producer get to pick the name. Use your imagination!

Posters. I really like to put up great sayings that my reps used on a call. It’s a reward for them to have a poster “named” after them and the phrase will get more uses because an actual rep used it. Having generic posters in a room is OK but tends to just get ignored a bit.


I have a TON of games that can be played in a call center. I just wanted to add a couple that are easy to do and you need basically no money to pull off. This hopefully will to give you some ideas. These are games that can be played daily on each team. You can do team vs. team or rep vs. rep.

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